Thyme, corn and cheddar loaf

23 thoughts on “Thyme, corn and cheddar loaf”

  1. Ohhh I am a terrible cook but this sounds quite simple and I reckon my 8 month old would love this for lunch or a snack! It looks yummy. May have to give it a whirl at some point, I will let you know if I do! #DreamTeam


  2. Oh this looks fab! My little one has just started liking the texture of muffins and cake, so I’m definitely going to give this a go…love a savoury loaf! Thanks for linking up to the #dreamteam Hope to see you next time! xx


  3. I love cooking with my little one too. Its such a great way to teach them about food and ingredients and get them involved in what you eat. I love the look and sound of this recipe and how easy it is to do with a little one. We will be weaning the littlest one in 6-ish months or so, so Ill have to remember to come back to this! Thanks for sharing it on #MarvMondays. Emily


  4. Hi Amy, your loaf looks lovely and homemade. I’d love to unleash my inner TV chef, but I couldn’t face all the dishes so just sling ingredients in the bowl as I go along. Which is probably why we used to get into a right tizz when the children were younger!



  5. This looks absolutely yummy, I would love to eat that. It’s too good for the babies to eat. I love your posts, and how you keep sharing these with us. It’s great to see new ideas, as I tend to get stuck in a rut of cooking the same thing over and over again. My stomach is rumbling! Thanks so much for linking up at #fortheloveofBLOG. Claire x


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